Saturday, August 22, 2009


Wow, what a week! After way too many hours at school, I'm so glad to say that my room is ready for Monday. It's not exactly how I want it, and it will probably change, but it will work for now. I did the "Barre" method towards the end and just starting putting things places which I will need to go back and organize through. I met 14 of my then 15 kiddos on Thursday night at Back to School Night. They seem pretty sweet. Friday I got 3 more, one is the brother of a student from last year so at least I know one parent! I have a few moms who are pregnant so I am excited to hype up the "new big brother/sister" in the class. Overall, I'm excited. I am ready to get these babies learning and ready to try new things this year. Last year I was a little distracted and didn't get to do all the things I wanted to, this year will be different! I will probably end up with 20 kids when all the transfers come in. They will come in by the third day of school.

Enough about work!! This is a no work weekend with my sweet girl! She did so good this week with her new schedule. She was supposed to spend the week with Daddy and Grandma, but plans changed a bit Sunday night and she went to Mrs. Karrie on Monday instead. She did great. I did not! I missed her like crazy! Karrie said that she had a great day and she was exhausted by the time we got home! Tuesday and Wednesday she stayed home with Daddy and they both survived! She even took some long naps for him! Yeah for him! Thursday and Friday she went back to Mrs. Karrie's house and had two great days. Karrie is so good with her and Keira seems to really like her. Thursday night my parents came up to watch Keira so that I could go to Back to School Night since Stephen had to work. Thank goodness that they were able to come up. I don't know what I would have done if they couldn't. I really wish they lived closer 'cause I can see needing them a lot with all the evening events that happen at my school. Luckily I can take Keira with me to some of them. It has been tough getting up in the morning and getting myself ready before Keira gets up. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday she slept late enough for me to get ready but Thursday and Friday she was up at 4 and 5. It's going to be tough, but she will get on a new schedule and so will I. Next week Keira will start going to Mrs. Karrie on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Daddy will watch her on either Tuesday or Thursday, whichever he is off, and the other will be up in the air. I'll be calling on some friends to watch her until things get figured out with Grandma. Her circumstances have really thrown a wrench into plans, but luckily I have some great friends that want to watch her!

Today we are just hanging out here at the house. I refuse to go out since it is Tax Free Weekend. $8 is just not worth the craziness! I am loving getting to snuggle with her. Tomorrow Grammie and Papi are coming back up so that I can go to lunch with Sister and go see Wicked. I am so excited for our day together. Tuesday is my 26th birthday and all I want is a nice dinner and a good evening with Keira. No Fussing!! Ha! We'll see what happens!

That's all for now! Keep me and my sweet girl in your thoughts next week. We're gonna need it 'cause it's going to be a long week!!!

First Day With Mrs. Karrie