Saturday, September 5, 2009


So I haven't blogged in awhile. Why you ask? One word... stress.

I started to back to work on the 17th and the childcare stresses started the same day. Well actually the night before, but who's marking their calendar right? Luckily I have some fantastic friends who were able to help out in a pinch and my parents are greater than amazing to have come up that week so that I could go to Back to School Night.

The 23rd, they came back up to watch Kiwi so that I could go to Wicked with Sister. It was fantastic! I recommend it to everyone. We had a great lunch at PF Changs and really enjoyed spending some time together. It had been QUITE awhile since it was just the two of us.

School started the 24th. My class is, well, different. The beginning of Kinder is so stressful... well not as stressful as childcare issues.

The 25th was my 26th birthday. Boy and Kiwi brought me part of my gift during my planning time and had a foot bath waiting for me when I got home. I got to enjoy a nice long, hot bath and a bottle of wine then we were off to Red Lobster for endless shrimp. :) All in all, I really raked it in! A new Dooney and Burke purse, a Coach wallet, and a new pair of shoes.

That Thursday, Kiwi went to my friend Michelle's house. Thank goodness she was able to watch her at the last minute. Again, childcare issues are a tad stressful... along with starting a new school year, trying to keep up with nursing, lack of sleep, lack of space, and lovely allergies to cat and ragweed. Anyway, she had a great day with Michelle and I am so grateful for her help.

This week was supposed to be different, needless to say it wasn't and I was searching for Thursday childcare at the last minute again. Helloooooo bottle of wine. I really don't know how I survived last year without wine. Anyway, again, luckily my mom was able to take the day off from work and came in at the crack of dawn (seriously) Thursday morning. They had a fantastic day and will be spending next Thursday together again. I am thankful that next week I won't be stressed out and worried about where my sweet baby will be while me and Stephen are at work. Very thankful.

Stephen will be getting me his work schedule soon so that I can set up childcare in advance. I'm done being told at the last minute that I need to find someone who can watch her. Done. My friend Michelle has offered to watch her on days that I need her, either Tuesday or Thursday, and my mom has already talked to her boss about the situation. My sister-in-law Gayle has offered to help out as well.

The stress is lifting, but it still hurts that I am searching each week and putting her with people when things were supposed to be easy. Planned out. Stress-free. Well its not and it hasn't been. I'm done.