Saturday, May 17, 2008

Things lately...

I love to teach, I love my students.... but I REALLY love to sleep late! I have twelve work days left until my second paid summer vacation and I cannot wait! I will definitely miss this class; they were so much better than last years. They keep me on my toes and keep me laughing. I would love to move up with them, but who knows what kind of class I'd miss out on next year!

As for the boy, things are still going great at work. They offered our close friend Clay a position there as well so that is good. It'll be nice ot have him around again. He keeps things interesting.

We are still working on things here at the house. Stephen found some great, cheap barstools from Pottery Barn. We upholstered them and now they are ready to go! I think its a record for us; bought and finished within 24 hours and no major arguments! We also got an ottoman for the end of the bed. I guess thats our stimulus check! Here's a picture of the new barstools. There are four total.

Stephen has also been working really hard on getting the yard up to his standards and I am patiently waiting the arrival of new bulbs for the flower bed!

Well that's about it for now! But I'm sure something new will be going on soon!