Saturday, August 30, 2008

One Week Down....

35 to go!!!

My first week of school is officially over! And thank God its a three day weekend! I need the sleep; I am exhausted. My body just could not handle the energy required to complete this week.

The week was good in several ways:
1. No criers!
2. So far it seems I have a bright bunch.
3. The parents are SUPER nice and only want to help their kids.
4. Learning the school procedures wasn't too bad.
5. Every kid got home safe; this was my first time actually doing a dismissal that involves a way to get home other than by car!
6. Parent Orientation didn't kill me!
8. Francine the Frog was found safe and sound. :) (She's our class mascot in stuffed form)
7. Oh, and I turned 25! On the first day of school to boot!

Hopefully it gets better from here on out! Week two involves starting Phonics, the letter L, the word LIKE, starting computer time, pre-assessments.... the list goes on! What a change from Houston Elementary!

Oh, and for those who know me well, Stephen and I found out some awesome news this week too! More on that later though!

Here's to week 2 of 36!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

And the verdict is....


Thank God! I couldn't handle that right now! The doctor put him in an air cast, which was expensive... so don't ever plan on buying one. He is still hobbling around in quite a bit of pain, but he has pain meds. I call his boot the robo-boot. :)

No progress on the floor. He said he would work on them this week, but that did not happen. I'd almost rather him wait til he actually felt that he could do them with minimal pain. I really don't want him messing up his foot more than it already is.

I officially went back to work this week. My last summer child free (hopefully) is over. Kind of depressing, but its a good depressing. I hadn't really been too stressed out about work until yesterday when it hit me that I have two full pages of to-dos on my to-do list. Yeah I was stressed about the furniture, or lack there of, but that all came into place thanks in part to my awesome sister. But now as back to school night approaches, I AM STRESSED!! There is so much I still need to do. So today I will be out and about hopefully making all the purchases I need to make... driving way up to IKEA in Delana's neck of the woods, then over to 290 so that I can hit Target and Teacher Heaven, then over to 35 and Slaughter so that I can go to Hobby Lobby and Target again if the first one doesn't have what I want! Then it'll be off to the school til 7:00, and I need to be productive!! At least thats what I'm telling myself.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Broken Foot Anyone??

I am the clutz in this relationship. This we have both known since day one. But low and behold, I am not the one with the broken foot. On Wednsday night, my super human husband broke his foot. He stepped weird, thats what we're saying. It swelled and bruised, but he thought maybe just a bad sprain. The next day we decided to float the river one last time before I went back to work. Stephen did not enjoy himself at all. So Friday we made the great trek to the doctor, after finally finding one that would fit him in. X-rays were made and indeed it was broken. I was a little happy in the fact that I didn't over-react for once. He was told to get a post op shoe (which he hasn't) and to stay off of it (which he hasn't). Then we needed to go see a Podiatrist to see if surgery will be needed or just a cast.

Stephen goes to the Podiatrist today at 3:00 to hear the verdict. Cross your fingers that pins are not in his near future.

All the while.... my floors are still not finished. My dishwasher is in the dining room, the stove inthe middle of the kitchen, no toilet in the downstairs bathroom, TV is upstairs and the couches are all shoved up against the wall. Hopefully Stephen will get the ok to be a little active again and will feel up to working onthe floors again soon. I just hope they are done by my birthday... which is 14 days away just incase you wanted to know.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Floors

Well, on a trip to home depot to get supplies to tile the upstairs bathrooms and laundry room we ran into laminate that we both loved; which was also on sale. We stared at it for a while and decided to bring a box home to see how it looked in the house. We layed it out and both thought it looked good. So the next day we decided to go buy it... enough for the entire downstairs.

After making the BIG purchase, we came home and began ripping up the current floors. Now five days in we are still not finished. We have the entire living room, half the dining, and half the entry finished. Pictures to come.