Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The boy's gift!

So I've working on Stephen's birthday present, and I think I am almost finished. He has absolutely no clue what it is. He has asked if he can get it on his birthday, which would be tricky if it was big because we will be in Las Vegas on his birthday. I told him yes, he would get it on his birthday. Hopefully I can keep it from him for that long! I will need to sneak it into my luggage of course.

The AMAZING gift that I bought him for his 27th birthday is this... two tickets to the Dallas Cowboys v. Washington Redskins and a night in a really great suite. The hotel is giving us a free bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, breakfast for two, and late check out. Whoo hoo! Stephen has been a huge Cowboys fan for forever and he has never been to a game. What makes this even better is this is the last season in Texas Stadium! He's gonna love it! The game is September 28th. All that I need to get still is a parking pass and to make reservations for dinner once we get a little closer to the date. I am gonna buy a cheap-o Cowboys shirt and lay this under it in a shirt box. He'll think he's just getting a t-shirt!

Of course I turned the surprise into a scrap project, and with some creative advice from my fantastic sister, it turned out like this!

It has a pocket! So cute! I love it and it was super easy to make.

These are my fake tickets. The real ones won't get here until August.

This is the Weekend Itinerary. Inside has a run-down of the things planned for the weekend.
I really hope he loves it. I always feel like I let him down with gifts, but hopefully this one will be hard to beat!