Tuesday, January 19, 2010

100th Post!

And what a great one it is!! Since the beginning of the year, we have been busy learning and trying new things. Here's a little catch-up!

January 1st: Clapped to the song "If You're Happy and You Know It" on a toy from Uncle Kevin and when I sang it to her.

January 4th: Turned 8 Months Old. Went back to daycare after having two weeks off for Chritmas Break. She did great getting back into the routine.

January 6th: Said "dada".

January 7th: Trying really hard to pull up.

January 8th: Had her first ever pajama day at school.

January 9th: Scooting backwards all over the kitchen.

January 12th: Got her first Boo-Boo at school. Another baby was crawling and tried to grab Keira. She got scratched in the face and was NOT happy. Neither were Stephen and I, but we knew Boo-Boos would come sooner or later!

January 14th: Took Mandarin Oranges to school for snack. She loves to eat fruit and did a great job with them.

January 16th: Ate almost a whole Eggo for Breakfast. Took 2 crawl-steps to try to get Peanut. She got frustrated after two and quit.

January 18th: Crawled to her Paci! We were lucky enough to have both of us home when she did it, and Daddy even got it on camera. She is still a little wobbly and in the army crawl position, but I think it is ADORABLE!!

January 20th: Crawling around the living room and her bedroom.

January 22nd: Said "mama" and waved "hi" to Peanut when I said "Hi Peas!".

January 23rd: Woke up and found her monitor in the corner of her bed. She sat up all on her own and decided to play with it! Had a pancake for breakfast.

She will go to the Opthamologist for her tear duct on February 3rd at 10:00. We will see what the Doctor says. They may say that it just needs more time, or they may go other routes. We'll see. I just hope it clears up soon. I feel so bad fro her everytime she wakes up and her eye is crusted closed.

She will have her 9 month appointment on February 5th in the afternoon. I don't think she will get any shots, so we should just breeze through this one. I am anxious to see how much she has grown! :)

Other than that we are just busy with the usual! I am looking forward to spending Valentine's Day with my sweet girl. We are planning on having a nice dinner at the house and having a few small treats for Keira. It should be a fun day!