Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am in LOVE with the new look of the blog!! Louise really got what I like! Thank you SO much! She put a linky at the bottom of the page to her blog if you like her work.

On another Eeee! note, Keira has been smiling on purpose for about a week now. I am loving it. All you have to do is talk really sweet to her and call her 'puddin' and she smiles away! I've even gotten her to giggle! I'm still trying to get a photo of her. I have taken a few videos with my phone.

She has her good nights and her bad nights sleeping. We have gotten a few nights of 5 hours straight, and lately its been about 4 hours straight. Getting her to go to sleep is the hard part. She screams and screams! Hopefully we will get past that soon!!

Keira and I went to the lake this past Saturday to my parents condo. It was nice to get Keira and Madelyn together again to see how much each has changed. I hadn't seen Delana, Nathan, and Madelyn in a month and Aaron since the day Keira was born.
Sunday was Father's Day. We got up and made breakfast for Stephen, yes Keira helped. Well she supervised from her bouncer. That night we took Stephen to dinner and Keira was a good girl and let us eat in quiet!

Here are a few pictures of her lately! She is getting SO big!! Enjoy!
Hanging out in her swing
Keira and Daddy

There's a little smile!

Madelyn and Keira. I love how Maddie is so calm and Keira is CrAzY!!! Stephen's child....

Monday, June 22, 2009

new new new!!

The blog will have a new look soon!! I am getting a custom blog layout made by Louise at adori graphics. She is one of my followers if you are interested. I am VERY excited to see what she has come up with!! It should be up sometime tomorrow evening! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Boy!

Happy First Father's Day Stephen! Thank you for taking care of us like you do.

We love you bunches!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

6 Weeks Update

Wow! Its been awhile! I have been busy here at the house trying to catch up on as much sleep as possible when Keira is sleeping and there is no way that I would be able to update when she isn't sleeping!

We went to the Dr for her 1 month on the 3rd. She was 8 pounds 2 ounces and 20 1/4 inches.

Here are a few of the new things that have happened in the last three weeks.

* Went to her first Motif Party on May 30th
* Started losing the hair on top of her head
* Went to the Doctor for her 1 Month Check up on June 3rd
* Turned 1 Month on June 4th
* Had a small fever on June 4th
* Screamed for 5 hours straight on June 6th making us late to her first Graduation Party
* Started cooing on June 7th
* Found her tongue on June 8th
* Met Uncle Mike, Aunt Gayle, and Cousins Ethan and Ava at Ava's dance recital on June 13th

Tomorrow I go back to the doctor for my check-up at 2:15. Should be an interesting adventure taking her with me. Cross your fingers she behaves! :) I also NEED to go up to my school this week and pack my classroom!

Well thats all for now! Screaming baby calling my name!