Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Update On Life

So, things are still crazy here and I don't see them slowing down anytime soon! I guess I just need to get used to the tiredness, the feeling of accomplishing nothing, and a dirty house. Right now, Kiwi is talking to me telling me that I need to update ya'll on all the things she does now. So, I'll listen to her and do as she says... like I usually do. She always wins.

I'll start with the most recent things...
*Started playing in her Jumperoo and LOVES it.
*Eats rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, and bananas (fresh only so far)
*Will grab the spoon and bring it to her mouth.
*Can put in her own paci after taking it out.
*Grabs the washcloth during her bath.
*"Eats" everything, especially her hands.
*Grabbing her feet and putting them in her mouth.
*Holds her feet while she is getting her diaper changed.
*Usually only naps once a day.
*Sleeps for about 8 hours straight at night.
*Still LOVES being outside and taking baths.
*Starting to like laying on her back and playing with toys. (She's super spoiled and usually just gets held. Mommy is trying to get better at making her play independently)
*Will do tummy time for 10 minutes with Mrs. Karrie and Krew. (only 5 with me)
*Will roll from back to side, tummy to side, but not completely over.
*Giggles when you "eat" her tummy.
*She loves watching tv

Thats about it. I'm sure I left bunches out. She goes to see Dr. Lincoln Wednesday afternoon for her 4 month well-check. She will get the same immunizations that she got last time. I am already nervous for her. She handled them well last time, but I'm scared she wont feel good that night and we both have work the next day. She will go to Mrs. Michelle's the day afterwards so I hope she is feeling good for her.

As for the whole childcare situation... I have things arranged for now to October 8th. She will go to Mrs Karrie's MWF every week like usual and stay home with Stephen on Tuesdays. For the next three Thursdays she will be going to my friend Michelle's house. October 2,3, and 4th she will be with my parents since I will be in Corpus Christi for a Kinder Teacher conference. It will be nice to get away, but I am already nervous about leaving her for so long and having to pump so much. It will all work out. My mom will most likely come up on the the 8th, and I will talk with Michelle on what Thursdays she can do so that my mom doesn't have to drive up at the crack of dawn every week. I know she loves spending time with Keira, but I don't want her to have to do it every week. I will admit though that knowing who will be taking care of Keira while we at work is nice. It takes a lot of stress out of my life that has been here for a month now. I have really learned to be thankful for those people who drop everything to help me out. I don't know what I would do without them right now. I never thought I would be thankful that Keira will be starting daycare, but knowing that she has someone caring for her everyday and not having to worry about where she will be and with who is going to be nice.

So thats about it for now. Here are a few pictures of her doing a few new things. Enjoy!