Monday, August 3, 2009

Finding Out Whats Wrong

So today at 2:00 I am finally going to the doctor to find out what is wrong with my back. It started when I got my epidural and was pretty much right where the "lovely" doctor put the needle in my back. It hurt all the time for the first month or so, tingling in my legs and arms, numbing in my butt and legs. Now it is also in my upper back. My entire back will go numb. Yesterday Stephen rubbed my back a little right on my spine and it brought tears to my eyes it hurt so bad.

So today I am going to find out whats wrong. Keira is going with me since Stephen is at work and I'm hoping she behaves. Delana also brought up a good point this morning; I'm hoping that they don't send me for x-rays. If they do I'll need to reschedule since Keira can't go in there with me. Fun stuff. I'm also wondering what they can give me for pain since A.) i'm still breastfeeding B.) Vicodin does nothing for me anymore and C.) I can't take anything that would make me drowsy. So we'll see! Wish me and my aching back luck!