Monday, August 3, 2009

i'm tired of this

My doctor visit today was kinda pointless. She doesn't really know what is wrong so she referred me to a neurologist. There they will probably do an MRI. I go to see them on the 12th. Just in time to have results right before I go back to work. I didn't even get anything for the pain I am in daily. The vicodin that I was prescribed when the pain started back in May does nothing. Tylenol is useless. I can't take anything else because I am breastfeeding. She couldn't even give me steroids or muscle relaxers to see if inflammation was the cause of the pain. So yeah, pointless.

I'm hoping that it is still just my body reacting to the epidural, but I am scared because the pain has moved up my back and is localized to my spine. I am ready for it to be gone. I am ready to pick up my sweet girl without wincing and be able to walk her up to her room without pain. I'm tired of my body feeling heavy, my legs tingling, back going numb, losing my balance, and not being able to lay of my stomach. Having no pain when I gave birth was nice, but having this pain for three months really stinks.

So just in case you were wondering, still nothing and i'm really tired of this!