Sunday, February 28, 2010

What A Month!

Wow, things seem to be nonstop lately. Since Keira's 9 month well check on February 5th, we have NOT been on antibiotics for 2 days. Kiwi finished up her amoxicillin on Valentine's Day only to go back to the Dr on the 15th with a 102 fever. They ran tests, all that came back negative, and said that her ears had fluid in them, but it looked like healing fluid. Dr L told me to take her home, give her fluids and if she still had fever the next day to bring her back. So, we went home and waited. She had fever all night so we went back.

I was afraid of what tests they would run next; chest X-rays for pneumonia, or catheter for UTI. Thankfully (I guess), Dr L looked in her ears and her right ear was full of puss. So, new antibiotic. This time augmentin. Started the meds and within 36 hours, she was fever free!

Things were going great until this past Tuesday night (same day that I might add it SNOWED!! and bunches of it, well bunches of it for central Texas in February, ANYWAY....) when she woke up SCREAMING around 10:30ish. We went to get her out of bed to find that she had thrown up. Stephen got her out and went to give her a bath while I stripped down her bed. He ended up getting in the tub with her in his jammies because she was not having anything to do with sitting on her own. Very sad things to see and hear; I have found that I cry with my sweet girl when she hurts. We brought her back to bed with us and layered towels underneath us. Everytime she threw up, we ripped of a towel layer. Once she finally stopped throwing up around 2:00 ish, she tossed and turned. She ended up staying home with Stephen the next day, but did start to feel better. She still isn't eating as much as usual, but she is getting her appetite back!

Well just when we thought things were on the mend, Boy and I get the bug Thursday night. I now understand why she was screaming. It was awful, but it passed quickly thankfully. Now if only the cleaning fairy will come and finish scrubbing the germs out of my house!!

Keira has her eye surgery this Thursday. We still haven't been told when it will be on Thursday though. Hopefully early so that she has the rest of the day to relax at home. I just hope she isn't in too much pain. I can see some tears coming Thursday for me! After I take my day off for this, I will only have two sick days left for the rest of the year; March to June. They sure went quick, but after taking so many at the beginning of the year when we weren't in daycare yet, it does make sense that I would run out. Hopefully no one gets sick again or I'll be paying about $200 for each day I take. Nice right? I guess Stephen will just have to stay home with her if she gets sick and I just can't get sick! Do you hear that germs.... STAY AWAY!!!

It really will be a trying week. The emotions are already starting to get to me because of Kiwi's surgery, but this Friday also marks the One Year of Nannie passing away. I know that she will be with Keira that day, just like she is every other day. Thank goodness Nannie can hold her hand when I can't. That helps ease my fear.


The Lemleys said...

Hang in there chicky! Oh, and do you ever find yourself rubbing her hand with your thumb? I catch muself doing it all of the time now.

Alyssa said...

My goodness it is a stressful week! I can't wait to hear how the surgery goes on Thursday.

By the way, if you haven't heard. Lacy will be induced tomorrow if the baby doesn't come before then.