Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eye Doctor

We went to the eye doctor yesterday for Keira's gunky left eye. We knew it was a blocked tearduct, but now we have confirmation. After waiting over an hour total to see Dr. R, she came back and looked at Kiwi for about 5 minutes and then said surgery. The procedure is pretty simple. She will be sedated with gas. She will insert a very thin metal rod into the two holes leading to the tearduct in Keira's left eye and she will removed the blockage. After that she will flush it with saline and suck everything out through her nose. All in all it takes about 5 minutes.

The surgery will be at a facility next to Dell Children's on March 4th (her 10 month day). It is the same place that Boy Boy had his hernia surgery. Skister said that it is really nice. We will find out what time her appointment is the week of her surgery. They list all of the surgeries from youngest to oldest, so I'm sure we will be pretty early. We will get there an hour before and leave about an hour after.

The hardest part will be no breakfast!! Sweet girl loves her breakfast! Ugh! Well that and um... Kiwi having surgery! UGH!! No fun, but I'll be so glad when we are fighting every morning to get the gunk off of her eye and face. She really hates it and so do I!!

So be thinking of my sweet girl March 4th. And me too please! :)