Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Nannie

Have you ever had this feeling like someone is just all around you? There is no one there, but it just feels like they are there? Nannie would have said I'm crazy, but there are days that I think she is here; looking after us, watching us. There are days that the birds seem a little louder and the wind chimes are moving a little faster. The flowers a little brighter, like she's there. Even if it's just in my mind, I whisper I know she's there. And it makes me feel better. Peace of mind.

Today is one year since Nannie passed away. I wish Nannie could have met Keira and Keira met Nannie. I wish she could have felt Nannie's thumb rub on her hand like I did so many times and felt the comfort of knowing that Nannie was there. I think Nannie would have liked her. I really do.

I miss you everyday Nannie. I'm so afraid that I will forget the little things about you. The feeling of waking up at your house on a Saturday morning, you turning on the heater so we could all sit in front of it and warm up, decorating the house for Christmas, playing church with the juice glasses, playing rumikub, painting with water, making play-doh, going on long walks past the mailbox, making mudpies, picking wildflowers, going to the park, strawberry pie, chicken salad with bug juice, lettuce salad, crispies and hot cakes, mixing the sugar in the milk before you put in the cereal, being the dress model, singing in front of the tv like we were on stage, late night ice cream, popping popcorn in a pot, price is right, the hummers, nannie beans, the tire swing, long summer letters, my red haired girl, sitting with you in your chair and falling asleep.

If I love my family half as much as you loved us, they'll be blessed. You always put us first and loved us more than anything in the world. If there is anything that I hope I can pass on to Keira, I hope that is it. I love you Nannie.