Sunday, December 7, 2008


Okay, so this child has to be a boy! Why you ask? Because it has seemed to find how to drive me nuts! It is going to be a little Stephen I just know it! :) I have been feeling it move a lot lately and it seems like once it starts moving it doesn't stop. Right now it feels like a tickle, but it is getting stronger. I can't wait for Stephen to be able to feel it kick so he knows its in there moving around! As I type it is moving around!

I love it the most in the early morning when I am lying down in bed. When I put my hands on the belly I can feel exactly where the baby is. It surprised Stephen to feel how hard it is where the baby is. I still get comments on how I don't look 18 1/2 weeks pregnant, so I guess that is why I can feel where it is so easily!

We go to the doctor this Thursday to find out what it is. I am looking forward to going shopping afterwards for some gender specific clothes! I know I am very anxious to find out, and I assume Stephen is just as excited. I just wish he'd show it more! Keep your fingers crossed for healthy!!