Friday, December 12, 2008

Ignore My Last Post....

'Cause I was wrong! We went to the doctor yesterday and found out that we are having a little girl! At first the tech didn't know if she would be able to tell since small fry was not in the "goods showing" position. So why looked at other areas while we waited for her to move around. I had drank some OJ about and hour before our appointment in hopes that it would make her move around. Apparently she was not happy that her secret would be out today because at one point, the tech zoomed in on her face to show us she was frowning! Poor thing! But finally, after some measurements were taken of her LONG legs, she flipped around and showed the world that she is indeed a she! We finished up looking at her arms, heart, brain, spine, kidneys, etc. All look to be in great condition and no sign of anything wrong!! Towards the end, the tech was trying to get some good profile shots and she stretched her arms and her legs out as far as they would go. It was very cute. If she keeps that up, Stephen will be feeling her kick in no time. At one point it looked like she kicked and punched all at the same time! Her heartbeat was 148, lower than what it had been, but still great. The doctor says my weight gain is perfect, even though I still am not showing a whole lot. Halfway through and already at 15 pounds. Eeek! Its all for a good cause though right??

Here are some pictures of her!!

Profile shot as she kicked me!

Another profile stretched out. Its good to know she can get comfy in there!

Look at those long legs! And they aren't even completely straight!

Her hands crossed in front of her face. Better get all that arm crossing out of the way now!


We stopped by Babies R Us on our way home from my Uncle Frank's funeral on Wednesday to begin registering. We still are not 100% sure of any of the big stuff, but we'll make the decision eventually! We did however find out that the crib we both loved was on sale! So, we bought it! We don't have it yet, but we will by the middle of next week. We can't put it together until we get the floors done up there. But hopefully Stephen can knock that out soon.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. I have one more week of school before Christmas Break. Thank goodness for the vacation! I am so tired. My kiddos are sweet and I will miss them over the holiday, but I am ready to sleep in! We will be going to my Mom and Dads Christmas Eve and then to his Moms on Christmas Day. Sometime while I am off, Stephen is planning on taking a few days off so we can spend some time together. That will be really nice. I enjoy our days where we don't HAVE to do anything but lounge around. One of my best Christmas breaks was actually the one where he was in between jobs and we spent every day together, plus it iced over right before we went back to school so we had extra days together!

We thats it. I am going to get boy to take a picture soon. I have to get better at taking them!!!


Nathan said...

PIIIIINNNNNKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! I love me some pink! Bows and dresses and shoes and tights and more bows......