Tuesday, December 30, 2008

22 Weeks!!!!

Well week 22 has arrived!! I promise a picture will be added after boy takes one tonight. I have pictures to add from Christmas as well, but I need to right cord to attach my school camera.

Week 21 had a great milestones for us! On the 26th, Stephen was able to feel Keira move for the first time. I had been thinking that I could feel her with my hand since the 20th, but Stephen wasn't able. I think he just wasn't being patient! :) But as we laid in bed that night, I told him to feel her move and the moment he put his hand on the belly she kicked him! I am so glad that we are at the point where he can feel her when she moves. I think it makes it all more real for him. Now that she is bigger, her movements don't feel the same as they used to. What used to be a tickle is now like a thump.

We attempted to pick up her crib on Sunday. We got to BabiesRUs and once we saw the box, we realized that our car is not big enough! So Stephen is planning on asking the boys at work to pick it up for us after their deliveries one day soon. We wouldn't be able to put it together anyway since the floors are not done yet. I think I have also decided that I don't want to put it together until we have all the stuff for the room... crib, mattress, bedding, and dressers. That way it looks like her room and not just a room with an empty crib in it!

This morning is showing me that week 22 will be an exciting one as well. As I lounged in bed, I felt a new movement. About every three seconds I would feel a bump. They lasted for about a minute and then quit. My guess.... HICCUPS! Yeah, another mommy-to-be experience!

Well thats all for now. Hopefully week 22 will be just as exciting as week 21! I hope you all have a great New Year!