Tuesday, December 2, 2008

18 Weeks Down!

Wow! 18 Weeks! Seems like just yesterday I was excited to be at 10! Now we are almost halfway through! Let the stress begin! Ha! Here's a rundown of recent events!

  • Thanksgiving Break was a much needed event. I love my kiddos at school, but I am tired! I have hit that point where I want to just sleep all day! I am down to 18 kids now and the change was a blessing. There truly is someone looking out for people! Without discussing, the change was made and now I feel like my kiddos can have the environment they need to learn. I only hope the best for the rugrat that left and its new teacher! But, aside from that, I am LOVING my kiddos. They are a super sweet, smart, caring group.
  • Stephen recevied a promotion at work and I can officially talk about it! He has been promoted to Store Manager and I couldn't be more proud of him. He had been pulling more than his weight for awhile and I am really glad that it didn't go unnoticed. Good work boy! I am very proud of you and thankful for the sacrifices you make for our family. (The dogs are too!)
  • Thanksgiving went off nicely. We stayed here and my sister and her family came down. It was very peaceful; which is the way every Thanksgiving needs to be! We will, however, be making the trek down south for Christmas... mmm stress for Christmas. Can't wait!
  • Stephen's Mom and Step-Dad are selling their house in Canyon Lake. They are building a house here in our subdivision. The move has its good and bad points. I really love his mom right now, adn would hate for anything to ruin our relationship. It will be nice for the kids to grow up near their Grandma though.
  • We are working on decorating the house for Christmas. The tree is up and so are the other decorations inside. The rope lights are put out outside, but Stephen will still need to put the lights on the house. One of the first things we thought when we bought this house was that it would be beautiful with Christmas lights, and it is!
  • Finally, Jelly Bean. He/She has been a lot more active. I still have days when I don't feel it moving, but more often than not it is squirming around. Is that a good or bad thing?! I still don't really think that I look like I am almost halfway through a pregnancy and some people have a hard time believing that I am as far along as I am. I guarantee though... I have gained weight! I see it every morning! We go to the doctor on the 11th for our big ultrasound and we are VERY excited! I cannot wait to buy gender specific clothes and call it by its name itstead of its nicknames! We have the crib choices down to two and will hopefully we making a decision soon. I am already getting excited about registering and having baby showers! Plus, I get to plan another baby shower for a very close friend of mine and it'll be all pink and girly!! :)

Well I guess that sums it up for now. I'll see if I can get the boy to take a belly picture tonight! I only have that one from week 10! So much for having a week-by-week scrapbook. Maybe we can be more diligent in the last half!