Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me...

So, I'm trying something new. I have started reading a new blog recently that includes this great piece every Monday called Not Me Monday. It is where the author vents the things that she most certainly did not do in the previous week. And by saying did not, I mean did. I thought I would try it out this week and see if it makes me feel just a little better about the not so wonderful things I did in the past week.

So here goes!!

I did not stress out all week about paying bills to the point of almost throwing up before I finally opened Wells Fargo to see our account status.

I did not almost cave and buy a single slice of cake for $4.99 at HEB this weekend.

I did not procrastinate this week about getting my work done at work, and I did not have to come up to my classroom on Saturday because of it.

I did not cry like a little girl while watching The Notebook for the 1000th time. And I really did not continue to cry like a little girl for about 20 minutes after the movie was over.

I did not stress out about my weight gain before I went for my latest preggo check-up. I did not purposely wear my lightest shoes so that my weigh in would be lighter.

I did not empty the rubbermaid with Christmas lights in it so that I could take it downstairs only to have to drag all the lights donwstairs as well. I really did not want that damn box out of my guest room.

I did not ghetto rig my blue jeans so that I wouldn't have to go buy a new pair that fits. Too bad, cause now I really need a new pair that fits. :(

I did not completely overeat while at dinner with Stephen's bosses. I did not almost finish off the creme brule either. I did not mention that one day we should go back to that place either.

Well that is all of the things I did not do last week that immediately come to mind. This week I need to keep a running list because I know there were way worse things that what I have listed!


Wayne said...

Great not me monday , I'm sure they just end bills because they know that people will stress then go out and buy things to calm them down so they get even deeper in debt and get ebven more bills lol. Im a guy and the noteook brings a tear to my eye, especially where she remembers. oh no here I go agian lol

Nathan said...

OK, since my first comment didn't post.....I can certainly understand the dreaded wells fargo website...I cringe everytime I open it. Oh and for the record, a pregnant lady should never go shopping alone...thngs tend to get out of control! Hence my purchase of a tiny block of cheese for an ungodly amount of money. What can I say, it tasted good at the sample table!