Friday, January 16, 2009

Keira's New Loot!!

So yesterday Little Miss Keira stocked up!! Stephen and I went to Target and found some GREAT clearance deals. One of which was a fabulous swing. It is actually one that we had looked at before and joked about buying it since it was kinda pricey. Well, it was half off, so it jumped right into our basket!! Even better, we had a gift card to use so it really only cost us $15! Wow right?!? On top of the amazing swing, they had their cute Dwell clothes cheap too! So Little Miss got 5 new onesies/sleepers at Target Number 1. Then it was off to Target Number 2. There we found more cute outfits and Dwell stuff and of course bought them! I think we came home with 7 Dwell outfits, a dress, and 2 onesie/pants outfits. Then it was off to Carters where we got 3 onesies there as well. We didn't get much newborn/0-3 stuff, but we did stock up on 3-6 stuff.

We got home and of course put together the new swing. And of course we put Peanut in it. Here are some pics. Please excuse the mess, my house is chaos!

Keira's New Swing

Peanut Trying Out Keira's New Swing!

We also have begun the flooring process in her room. Stephen took out the carpet and the padding last night. Now I will clean it up and lay down the underlayment so he can get started on laying the floor!! Stephen wants to have it done by next week so that we can get the furniture in the room for his dad to see. I will keep my fingers crossed!!

As for work, things are going good. We have been busy working on reading and writing. I got a new student last week and there is a possibility of another new one next week. We will see!! We are very close to the 100th day of school and that always makes the year seem to fly by. Of course I won't have to go all the way to the 175th day! And, it's a three-day weekend!! Whoo Hoo!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


The Lemleys said...

The swing looks great! Good Job! See you tomorrow!