Friday, June 13, 2008

what a crappy day!

a day that should have been so much fun... ends up being crap. well for everyone but stephen. maybe i'm still a little irritated!

today is peanut's 4th birthday. we had big plans for waking up early, taking the dogs on a lowes trip, going to petsmart so peas could pick out her birthday toy and then going to 5 mile dam so the dogs could play in the water. then we'd come home, have some dog birthday cake and the dogs would nap. we would go to houston to see the astros/yankees game... first time ever that they've played each other. and take a slice of b-day cake to BayBay.

well things went well til petsmart where miller the idiot dog apparently screwed up his back jumping into the envoy. we get home ans he is yelping every time you touch him, can't jump onto the couch, walk up the stairs, or squat to do his business. after 20 or so yelps, i give up and make a vet appointment only to find out that the only time available would be at 2:00; an hour after we needed to leave to go to houston. so, being the wife of a man who has an astros tattoo, i knew i needed to step up and tell him to go to the game without me. i'd take miller to the vet.

all the while.... peanut is having the shittiest birthday ever.

so i take mills to the vet and of course they are packed; like 12 other dogs. the wait isn't very long, but poor mills can't sit on the hard floor so he stands... yelping. they think he just pulled something in his back and sent me home with two types of pain meds for him. poor guy. very frustrating for me having to deal with him and other dogs, but we made it through.

so we head home only to have to stop and sell a kidney, AKA buy gas, and then get stuck on I35 because they are putting up a new sign!! stopped i tell you, 0 mph. we make it home and i dosed up mills with peanut butter/pain pills. and he is still sleeping them off 4 hours later. yes he's alive i've checked.

all the while peanuts birthday still sucks.

i feel terrible for her, but i promised her cake when daddy gets home. at 2:30 in the morning. it won't even be her birthday anymore.

hope he enjoys the game. oh, and he owes me... BIG TIME.