Saturday, June 14, 2008

Miller Update and New Tile and a Haircut

Here's an update on the Mill Pill...

He survived yesterday. He slept pretty much the entire afternoon end evening. We all fell asleep on the couch around 10:15-ish after the Astros game was over. (They lost for those wondering, 2-1) Stephen got home around 2:45 and were able to let the dos eat a little of Peanut's birthday cake. They loved it! Then Miller was dosed up with another round of pain meds. My non-thinking husband allowed Miller to go upstairs on his own and jump into the bed. Good that he could actually do those things, but he really shouldn't be until he's feeling MUCH better. She slept really well throughout the night, but I can tell he is still really hurting this morning. I think I will be splitting up his pain meds so that he is pain free all day. I'll give him one around noon and the other probably around 8 tonight. He gets them twice a day, so that should help a bit. Right now he is laying on his big pillow on the couch with a heating pad on his back! Poor Pills! Peanut has been a great little sister, she has been cuddling with him and giving him his space when he needs it.

Forgot to mention in my last post that we got tile at Lowe's yesterday morning. It was on sale and we liked the color. So we got enough to tile the master bathroom, guest bathroom, and laundry room. I'm sure we will be borrowing David's tile saw. Hopefully this project will be done by the end of the summer. Stephen has tiled before and maybe we can have David come up and help make it go faster. He re-tiled his living/dining/hallway and it looks great. This will be the first major re-do to the house and a big step towards new floors downstairs. We have been looking at hardwoods, but haven't found the dark color we want yet for a reasonable price. The search continues.

And a haircut. Boy always said that I never cut it short like I wanted to, so I surprised him. I made a secret appointment after I went to the doctor last wednesday and chopped it off! It's short, chin length and choppy. Really cute. I'll post a picture when its straightened!