Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sick Again? Really?

Well I think we need to just go ahead and make a follow up appointment after each time we go to the Doctor. After being on steroids for our last adventure, Keira finally seemed to be feeling a little better. Her cough had changed, but sounded more like a productive cough. She still wasn't sleeping well, but we contributed that to not being able to breathe. Then there was Thursday morning. Stephen brought her to me around 4:00 and I gave her a bottle in bed. She fought going back to sleep and was breathing really hard. Again, I just figured the massive amounts of snot are just making it hard for her. She felt warm, but she was also in thicker jammies. Well I get up and she gets up with me and I get ready for work as quick as possible.

We get downstairs and I lay her down to change her clothes and diaper to go to school. I see that her entire nose is blocked by lovely boogies and she still feels warm. Her eyes were puffy and goopy. I decided that I might as well take her temperature. The first time it said 105.3. The freaking out began. I tried again and this time is was 103.8 (our thermometer is pretty finicky, so I take it three times and average). The third time was 104.5, so pretty much a 104 degree fever; the highest she's ever had. I freaked out, ran upstairs to tell the boy and called another Kinder teacher to figure out what I should do. No sub plans made, Easter Egg Hunt Day, day before a three day weekend... she just said not to worry and took care of it for me! I love the people I work with. I called skister and got her opinion on ER or Dr Visit. She recommended Dr. visit and I called the on call Doctor.

We went in and sure enough, double ear infection. One ear half full of puss, the other 90% full. Poor thing!! I wish she would show me that she hurts, but she doesn't. So we got put on Omnicef for the ears and Vigamox for the eyes, which had pink eye. She was miserable from then until Sunday night. Her fever stuck around until Saturday morning. Finally, Monday night she decided that she wanted to eat and drink again. She still isn't eating as well as usual, but at least she is eating.

Sleeping is improving. She is still waking up around 10:30, but is crying herself to sleep. She is also waking up during the night, but we are making her put herself back to sleep. She has to remember that nighttime is for sleeping, not playing or eating.

Hopefully with warmer weather coming, the sickness will come to an end. I just can't handle her being so miserable! It is so sad! I am ready to have my healthy girl back!