Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Day Alone

Well we are almost half-way finished with our first day alone. So far things have gone okay except for the storm that decided it needed to blow its way through. Luckily there hasn't been too much wind and no hail. I have to look at it in a good way, we won't need to water for a few days and if I survived first day and a storm I can do this!!

We've spent the day resting, well Keira has been resting on me most of the day. I have been catching up on my TV shows and playing around on the internet. My parents and Kevin are coming in tomorrow so that my mom can spend the week here helping out. I am really excited about Kevin finally meeting her. After him, we'll just need to meet Mike, Gayle, Ethan and Ava.

On a side note, tickets for Wicked have been purchased!!! Skister and I will be going on August 23rd!! Whoo hoo!! What a great early Birthday Gift to myself! Ha!