Friday, April 10, 2009

Keira Update

Well yesterday was eventful. We got to the Doctor and went back to see Little Miss, and by little I mean little. She is in the 5th-10th percentile growth wise. She is measuring a full 2 weeks behind now. And that kinda stresses me out. On the good side, it is her whole body that is small and not just some parts. The Doctor will have me do Bio-Physical Profiles each week now just to be sure that she is doing everything she is supposed to be doing- breathing, big movements, little movements, checking fluid levels, and such. She did all this yesterday. Dr. Hooi said she thinks that I just may have small babies, but she'd rather be on the safe side from here on out. If for any reason she drops below the 5th percentile, then we would go ahead and get her out, but she doesn't seem to think that will happen. But of course I am worried. I had told Stephen he didn't need to go back to talk with the Doctor with me, but now I kinda wish he had been there with me to remember everything she said. To be worried with me instead of looking at me like I am insane/annoying for being worried. Can't change that now though.

During the ultrasound we got to see her cute little face. It looks like she has chubby cheeks (um, Keira, spread out the chub, don't just keep it in your cheeks baby!). I had the tech focus in on her toes and we still have no verdict on the second toe. :) I think I'll have them look each time! All of her looks good to me, but she is so small! She does have three and half more weeks to grow though! So think grow thoughts! All over grow thoughts!

Profile Shot, Her Hand Is By Her Face

Face Picture, Chubby Cheeks!