Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 10th was quite a day

Yesterday I attended my Nannie's funeral. She would have loved the entire day, except for the dry beef at lunch! Ha! (If she had cooked it she would have told us not to eat it and throw it out!) The service was great, not the usual preachy funeral. There was singing, which she would have sat back and took in and then talked about for days, beautiful flowers, and memories of the fantastic woman she was. My only complaint... the words crap-fod were not said. Those who know Nannie know what I mean. I'd love to hear her say it one more time.

Nannie you were an amazing, loving, caring, thoughtful, God-fearing woman. You will be missed!

And on a happier note, 'cause she wouldn't want us crying ALL the time.... I also hit 32 weeks yesterday. When we told her that we were expecting, she said that she had prayed for me to get pregnant for years. Maybe that is why I got pregnant so quick and have had such a problem-free pregnancy. I've had her stocked up prayers on my side! Keira has been moving around a lot in the last couple of days, and the rib kicking has begun. I think I am going to start fighting back! She needs to know that Momma is boss! :)