Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So I missed last week! I'm sure I can come up with NUMEROUS things I did not do in the past two weeks right???

Last night I did not make a Red Velvet cake to eat and enjoy all by myself since my husband is on a diet. I did not feel guilty for making it and then forcing him to endure the smell of it all night. :( Oh well, I am pregnant right? And he actually picked out the mix while he was off the diet last week and then never made it.

I did not securely tape shut a package being sent UPS with blue painters tape because I was too lazy and cheap to go buy packing tape. If they have a problem with it they will let me know right??

I did not eat chips for breakfast one morning this weekend. I did not I did not I did not. (I so did!)

I did not stress myself out by making a to-do list of all the things that still need to be done in Keira's room. Lists usually make the OCD in me better, apparently not when your list is more than a page long. The freaking out has begun. It doesn't seem to be getting better anytime soon. Hyperventilating will start soon. Anyone have a paper bag I can borrow?

I did not drive to Hobby Lobby this weekend only to look around. I guess that's better than going there and spending money on un-needed stuff right???

I did not almost kill my husband as he made the first "waddling" comment. I did not want to chop his big toes off so that he waddles too. Then I did not feel like crap because I looked like I was waddling in Wal-Mart. Of all the stores to waddle in right?? It HAS to be the ghetto-ist of them all. I guess I just fit right in.

I did not seriously think of turning my downstairs bathroom into a closet since it has not had a working toilet in it since August. We are SO close to having it working, but we still have a little leak. Hopefully with the advice of my fantastic B-I-L we can get it working.

I did not get cranky Sunday morning because I didn't get to sleep late. Sunday's are usually the only day that I wake up before the alarm clock since Stephen doesn't have to be at work until 11:30. Every other day I have an alarm, even Saturdays (the alarm is for boy, but I wake up since it is on my side of the bed). I did not get even crankier because I know my days of sleeping late are almost over. I did not secretly pray that Keira is a late sleeper.

Lastly, and a positive one, I did not get GIDDY last night when Stephen felt Keira's hiccups for the first time. He just kept his hand on her for the longest time! I did not ABSOLUTELY love that they lasted forever but finally stopped after he "told" her to just stop hiccuping. Too cute right??

Well that's all for now. Hope you all have a great week!


Mary Teresa said...

Oooh. I can't wait until my baby starts Hiccuping! And you can tell you husband where to stick the waddling comment...while you're eating some red velvet cake would be a great time to do that actually. =D