Sunday, September 7, 2008

And baby makes three!!

Stephen and I are expecting our first child!! We are so excited! We are due May 5, 2009, but are hoping to be a little late! I don't want a Cinco de Mayo child! But of course as long as everyone is healthy, I'll take anytime.

We found out August 27th, and go to our first appointment September 25th at 4:00, so keep us in your thoughts!

Oh, my parents don't know yet. So if you know them, DON'T spill the beans! :)


The Jarretts said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations!!! How exciting! And a Cinco de Mayo baby isn't bad - it's my birthday, too and it's actually a great day... I can always get a free margarita on my birthday, and it's an easy day for people to remember! :) Congrats again and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!