Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Keira's first Easter was great.

On the 31st, we had an Egg Hunt at her daycare. She and Daddy found a few eggs, but she was much more interested in playing with the rocks on the playground!

We woke up Sunday morning and waited for Daddy to get up so we could see what the Easter Bunny brought. Keira was very excited to see her basket full of goodies. The Bunny brought her a new book, How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs, sidewalk chalk, a bunny cabbage patch doll, and a chocolate bunny.

We were going to do an egg hunt at the house, but it rained the night before, so we weren't able to. We ended up going over to a coworker of Stephen's house and enjoyed an egg hunt there. I followed Keira and Daddy around while they hunted for the Golden Egg. They didn't find it, but they did find a Silver Egg with $5 inside. She seemed to have a good day. She still wasn't completely herself, but she was more like herself than she had been in the last couple days.

I am really looking forward to next Easter. I think she will really enjoy hunting for eggs when she is a little bigger.