Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's been awhile since my last Not Me Monday, I figured it was time for a new one! I know I'll feel better after my "confessions"!

Over the last couple weeks I have not eaten more noodles than one physically should. I did not tell myself that the more I eat the better off Miss Keira would be. I did not feel like a cow after eating too much spaghetti on more than one occasion.

In the last month I did not cut back on my sister phone calls for fear of being a pain and annoying. The last thing I would want to do is be annoying to a new family of four!

I have not been procrastinating at work getting my Leave stuff done telling myself that I will have time to do it later.

I did not spend an entire Saturday then trying to catch up because I had not procrastinated for several months.

I have not woke up singing random Kindergarten Sight Word/Number/Shape songs.

I have not begun nesting. I have not started throwing things away that I know I don't need or use so that things will be less cluttered.

I have not started getting a little sad because it will never just be me and boy again. I have not then felt guilty because I was sad it'll never just be the two of us.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Drum roll please....

Well Little Miss passed her second test with a perfect score again! I am SO proud of her! And there are more reasons to be proud... let's just say she has added some weight! Almost a full pound of weight! They are estimating her to be 6 POUNDS 2 OUNCES now! Yes you read that right! She went from being in the 5th to 10th percentile to the 21st percentile in two weeks! Yeah for her! In the ultrasound she still had her hand in front of her face. I guess that's just how she wants to be. She was practice breathing, heartbeat in the 120s, moving around a lot, and even blinking! Too cute. And it looks like the rest of her head is catching up to her cheeks! :)

I still haven't changed much from two weeks ago though. Which is a good thing when you are trying to save as many sick days as possible! We went ahead and scheduled an induction date of May 8th if she doesn't come before that. My doctor really doesn't think that I will go into labor before then, but we'll see. Crazy thought that by this time two weeks from now I will probably be holding my daughter!! Wow!

The plans for the weekend include going up to school tomorrow and hopefully finishing up my stuff for Maternity Leave and getting my classroom more organized. Sunday I plan on cleaning house so that it is visitor ready, doing some laundry, and packing my hospital bag (along with Keira's and Stephen's). Also somewhere in there I need to get a pedicure. I refuse to welcome my daughter to the world with ugly toes! HA!

We only have a few more things to get ready here. We put her car seat in Stephen's car Wednesday so it is all set. We still need to get a boppy, sheets for her pack-n-play, and a few more bottles. Other than that we seems to be ready. Just have to get the bags packed!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Showers, Showers, and More Showers!

Last week Little Miss raked it in! We had three, yes THREE showers last week!

On Tuesday, I had my work shower where she got a lot of SUPER cute clothes, diapers, baby wash, wipes, and Target Gift Cards. The cake was adorable, the flowers beautiful, and food delicious! My Kinder team threw such a beautiful shower! I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with such amazing women!

Friday, I had a surprise baby shower from my Kiddos and their Parents. I had been clued in by one of my kids a few weeks ago, but I thought it would be this Friday. Boy was I surprised when the gifts started rolling in! We enjoyed pink cupcakes and juice and the kids really got a kick out of watching me open the gifts. She got a lot of clothes (mostly pink and brown!), toys, and some great necessities that we had registered for! I know I said it about my coworkers, but I really feel like I have been blessed with such an amazing class and super sweet, caring parents. They really went out of their way to show me they care.

Saturday, we had a couples shower in Katy. Our friends Daniel, Kelly, Patrick, and Tiffany hosted the event. I have never been a huge fan of couples showers, but I am really glad that Stephen got to participate in a shower. I think he was starting to feel left out! He was such a good sport with all the games! He drank beer from a baby bottle, sniffed melted candy in diapers, and matched my belly size almost perfectly without even measuring! Way to go boy! Keira got some more adorable outifts, diapers, and much needed items off our registry.

Now I have the great task of writing Thank-You notes! I have finished the ones from my work shower and surprise shower, so I only have the couples shower left! They WILL be done by the end of the week! Along with that, I have to organize all her new stuff! Her room was COVERED with gifts! Its hard to get anything done in there 'cause all I want to do is stare at al the cute clothes!

This week I am working like crazy getting my classroom ready for my Maternity Leave. If she comes on her due date, I only have 9 more days of work! I have oodles to do still!! So if you don't hear from me, its because I'm up to my elbows in Insects, Ocean, and Summer Fun Units! Eeee!! We also go to the San Antonio Zoo Thursday, so that should be interesting!

I am officially 38 weeks pregnant today. My next visit will be on Friday at 4:00, I'll get another look at her and we'll see how much she is estimated to weigh. Hopefully she's put on some weight! Keep thinking grow thoughts!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bio-Physical Profile #1

Well Little Miss had her first test today! As her mom and a teacher I must say I was a little anxious to see how she would do! I gave her pep talks all week, had her rest up, and then gave her a well balanced meal about 30 minutes before the big exam (meal consisted of orange juice, teddy grahams and a brownie... not so healthy, but the sugar had her moving!). And when the results came in her teacher mommy was very pleased! Little Miss passed with flying colors! She scored an 8 out of 8! Thats her first 100!!! I am so proud of her!

She was practice breathing, moving around big and small, and her heartbeat was in the 140s (probably from the sugar high!). The tech said she did perfect as did my doctor. They are estimating her to weigh 5 1/4 pounds right now, up about a 1/4 pound from last week. If she keeps on that tracj she might be a 6 pounder! She still has chubby cheeks and was all squished up. Last time her hand was in front of her face, and the same goes for this time. Her left arm/hand was up on her forehead just like me at the end of a long day!!

I go back next Friday the 24th for our test number 2 and hopefully she will have gained a little more weight by then! I am so proud of her and glad that she has gained a little weight!! Keep thinking grow thoughts!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Keira Update

Well yesterday was eventful. We got to the Doctor and went back to see Little Miss, and by little I mean little. She is in the 5th-10th percentile growth wise. She is measuring a full 2 weeks behind now. And that kinda stresses me out. On the good side, it is her whole body that is small and not just some parts. The Doctor will have me do Bio-Physical Profiles each week now just to be sure that she is doing everything she is supposed to be doing- breathing, big movements, little movements, checking fluid levels, and such. She did all this yesterday. Dr. Hooi said she thinks that I just may have small babies, but she'd rather be on the safe side from here on out. If for any reason she drops below the 5th percentile, then we would go ahead and get her out, but she doesn't seem to think that will happen. But of course I am worried. I had told Stephen he didn't need to go back to talk with the Doctor with me, but now I kinda wish he had been there with me to remember everything she said. To be worried with me instead of looking at me like I am insane/annoying for being worried. Can't change that now though.

During the ultrasound we got to see her cute little face. It looks like she has chubby cheeks (um, Keira, spread out the chub, don't just keep it in your cheeks baby!). I had the tech focus in on her toes and we still have no verdict on the second toe. :) I think I'll have them look each time! All of her looks good to me, but she is so small! She does have three and half more weeks to grow though! So think grow thoughts! All over grow thoughts!

Profile Shot, Her Hand Is By Her Face

Face Picture, Chubby Cheeks!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Surviving the Week

Well this week has just about been "survived". Let me tell you it was a very trying week.

I have been so tired at school! It is getting to that point in the year that a normal non-preggo teacher would be about ready to throw in the towel. I currently am about ready to throw in the towel and the blanket and the bathrobe and the... I think you get the point. I absolutely love these kiddos, they have really stolen my heart, but the tiredness makes it hard to get through the day!! Thank goodness they are a sweet bunch! This week we had a visit from the Austin-American Statesman, an Easter Egg Hunt, (both on Wednesday and both on only 2 hours of sleep for me) and today Field Day. Let's just say I am VERY thankful it is a three-day weekend!! I plan on sleeping for the majority of tomorrow!

I have "OFFICIALLY" become uncomfortable. All the time. Poor Stephen doesn't know what to do with me and therefore does nothing! I know he is tired of the whining, but honestly I am tired of everything! :) I made 30 Easter invitations for Stephen's work on Sunday and am still sore from sitting on our hard floor for 8 hours straight. Only when you are pregnant can you get sore from sitting all day. Nice right?

Miss Madelyn is home and the family is doing great! She is already back up to her birth weight and is eating like a champ! I talked to Delana yesterday and she said that Maddie was asleep in her bouncer all pinked out. I am so glad that sister has her sweet baby girl at home safe and sound. I cannot wait to see her again! Nathan it adjusting really well. He is very concerned about his baby, is she sleeping, why is she crying, and showing her off. I am so proud of him and how he loves his Cheeto/Thumbelina/Sissy (all valid nicknames at this point).

At home, we are still working on finishing up Keira's room. Sadly, we haven't gotten anything done in there recently. We still need to hang curtains and curtain rods, put up the wall flowers, and finish her closet. As we get closer and closer to her due date we really need to finish these things up! We still need to put her car seat in the car and finish getting her pack and play set up. There are a few thigns that I still need to get before she comes home, but I might be getting some of these at my next showers. We'll have to wait and see. My work shower is next Tuesday and we have a couples shower on that Saturday.

Today we go to the doctor for my last 2-week-apart appointment. After this one I will go in weekly until she gets here. Today we will have our final ultrasound. We haven't seen her since December, so I am anxious to see how big she is and how she has changed. Stephen is anxious to make sure she hasn't grown an extra limb! :) He does have a valid point though! My doctor will also begin checking to see my progression this week and I am anxious to find that out as well. It would be nice to know that the crazy pains I have been feeling have been for a purpose; but not too big of a purpose! She CANNOT come before May!!

It is crazy to think we are at this point. I know that everyone always says that "it seems like just yesterday", but honestly it does. It is so crazy to think that we are less than a month from meeting our baby girl. I still feels like Stephen and I just met, like we just got married; and now here we are about to become a family. About to become a three and not a two! I am so excited and so nervous all in one. I have waited for this moment all my life and now here it is. I am so thankful that I have been able to "enjoy" this pregancy without any issues and will be extremely grateful when she gets here safe and sound.

Well thats about it! I will be updating again soon with pictures from our ultrasound and maybe even a belly pic. I feel like I have gotten huge, so it will be neat to see the change from the last one I took! Hope you all have a great Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Madelyn is Here!

My sweet niece is here! And I am in love!

Sister went in for a checkup on Thursday and from her doctors office was sent over to Labor and Delivery. Her blood pressure was up (of course) and she had protein in her urine. Cooking was done! Ha!

I'm guessing Madelyn really enjoyed her nice cozy cave though, because she wasn't coming out to see us without some drama! After some heart rate drops on her behalf causing Momma's blood pressure to sky rocket, several needle sticks, a few moments of very LOW blood pressure, some tears, and a whole lot of worry.... Madelyn made her appearance thanks to a very quick C-Section. Not the route Sister wanted to go, but it got Maddie here safe and fast!

Here's the stats!

April 2, 2009

6 pounds 7 ounces

19 inches long

She is so tiny and has the cutest little.... EVERYTHING!! Honestly, not biased at all! :) She looks a lot like Nathan did when he was born until you take off her cap! Then you see her super cute brown hair. It is so fine and so soft. Too cute.

I can't wait for her and Keira to meet! They are going to be best friends!