Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Than Your Ordinary Week

Well, this week was a stressful, busy one. Here's the re-cap.

Heather Work: Your typical work week. Busy, busy, busy. My kiddos are the only class who has not gotten the flu (thank goodness I got the flu vaccine!). We have been talking about the USA, and they are loving the unit. The weather this week was beautiful, so that has helped with the cabin fever of it being almost Spring Break. Just two more weeks. This week we will continue talking about the USA and the next week will be Texas/Cowboys. We also will have Cowboy Day on the 13th, so that should be nice and crazy. But, I know the kids will love it.

Stephen Work: Another Motif week. They are managing to stay afloat with our crappy economy which is good news. There are great selling days, and then there are not so great ones. All I can do is hope and pray that things pick up and stay up.

Keira: One crazy girl! She is moving around so much! At times I think she is doing gymnastics! Now we have gotten to the point that you can see my stomach moving each time she moves. She is getting heavier and heavier which is making my back really hurt. As for her nursery progress, the floor is still at the same point it was. Stephen still needs to finish the entryway and the closet. She does now have a mattress (Thanks David!) and her bedding should be in this week. Stephen has ordered curtain rods and I think we have chosen curtain, they just need to be ordered. We need to hang shelves and her name (which I still need to make!) and a few other things including a beautiful framed poem and her first ultrasound that Delana made for me.

Stephen: Wasting away!! He seems to lose as much weight as I gain. He really needs to quit that! I got him an Ipod and Nike+ chip for Christmas so he has been running quite a bit. This Wednesday he ran 9 miles. I could NEVER do that! I am so proud of him for keeping up with his schedule. He is still on his stupid diet as well. There are days I just want that boy to eat some carbs! But he feels that he needs to stay on it, and I'd rather have him happy and thin than unhappy and overweight. The running has started to irritate his knee, but that is just one of the drawbacks of running 9 miles straight.

Heather: Tired. The added weight of Keira really has made it hard to function! I am officially past my pre-diet weight and that really has me down. I know that it is all for a good reason, and that I will lose it again, but it is still hard to deal with. To those women who say beign pregnant is fun.... you are insane. Please seek medical advice. I have loved experiencing Keira growing inside of me, but the side effects of that really suck! Sleeping is uncomfortable, my back aches, I can't breathe (and allergies with no allergy meds doesn't help), I can't eat much and when I do I get heartburn almost immediately, and normal everyday activities take every bit of energy out of me. Thank goodness I have sweet kiddos at work that will do just about anything for me if I ask them to! We are almost at week 31, so just 9 more weeks until my body can begin to go back to what it used to be. The end is in sight!
I went to the doctor on Friday for another normal boring 15 minute appointment. I am still measuring a week behind, but I have been the entire time. I am okay with her being a little behind (maybe she'll be a little late and I can save a few days off). Missing work is one of my biggest worries. Everything else is looking completely normal. Her heartbeat is in the 130s. I go back on March 13th for another pointless visit. We won't see her again until April, when they will do an ultrasound to see her position and how big she is. We are trying to decide if we are going to do Childbirth classes or not. Stephen would have to take off from work for three Sundays, and we really need to save his days as well. We'll see.
I went to Delana's this weekend to help her get stuff ready in Madelyn Elizabeth's room. We were able to get her letters finished, ribboned, wall knobs painted and then hung onto the wall. (Thanks for the help Aaron!) We also hung her ultrasound frame, set up her crib with all the bedding (that missing sheet was too much for my OCD to handle), made a decision for her curtain rods (Delana stay on Aaron to get it fixed), and organized her clothes. The new dresser should be in in about two weeks and then Delana can put in all her clothes. Once that is done, the curtain rod hung, and the shelves put in the closet, sweet Maddie's room will be done!! If you need another Heather day Dee, just let me know. Its so much easier to get stuff done with a partner in crime!

Other Stuff: Delana's baby shower is in 6 days. EEEE!!! Mixed feelings of excitement and stress. I have so much to do here at the house (Stephen as well) and so many things to get ready still! Thank goodness I have Delma helping out! I will spend the week cleaning until the house is spotless and then Friday I will get all the food stuff and start preparing what can be prepared that night. Saturday I will pick up the flowers, cake, and balloons and put it all together. It is going to be such a sweet girly shower. I can't wait for Delana to get all her goodies!

Family: Found out Thursday that my Nannie had been taken to the hospital in Corpus for trouble breathing. She has been in a nursing home in Rockport since January. Found out that she has fliud on her lungs. She was moved to Critical Care Saturday morning since the fluid wasn't coming off like they had hoped and she was continuing to need 100% oxygen. My Mom and Dad went down there Saturday to see her and she is not remembering anyone anymore and is of course having trouble breathing. Delana and I discussed options of going down and seeing her, and Delana decided that she needed to. When we drove down to Rockport to see her in January, I kinda saw it as my last time to see my Nannie. Just something told me to say my goodbyes. Delana felt that she needed to see her this weekend to do the same and so my AWESOME brother-in-law packed up the family and drove down there. Thank you Aaron. Her status today is pretty much the same. Still not breathing well, and her blood pressure is low. Hopefully she will pull through and get back to her new normal life. I'm glad Dee went down there to ease her mind, even though it was a crazy adventure.

To My Skister: I love you bunches and you know that. Thank you for loving our family like you do. I could never have asked for a better sister/friend than you. I can't wait for our girls to love each other like we do.